I wasn’t sure if I should write a piece on this, giving that the club I support has done all they can for the moment to have their say in the situation.

Dundee United were the second SPL club to publicly come out and confirm they would vote no to Sevco’s appeal to transfer the now defunct Rangers F.C. share in the SPL to themselves, allowing the newco to start their life in the top division.

Fan power throughout the SPL helped convince 10 of the 12 to vote no with the only exceptions being Rangers, who voted yes, and Kilmarnock who abstained.

But I have decided I will go ahead with this one, as I am a fan of football and a fan of the wider Scottish game in general

A memo to all SFL clubs, requesting their attendance at Hampden for a vote on the Newco was leaked today, and quite frankly, the contents of said memo were shocking at best.

You can find the memo here, on C4 News reporter Alex Thomson’s blog.  I will refrain from posting it due to the size and Mr Thomson does a good job of articulating the issues, but it is definitely worth a read.

However, to cover it basically, it says the club will vote to allow the newco into SFL3 if they do so wish, unless the SFL Board can, and I quote;

negotiate and reached agreement with The Scottish Premier League and The Scottish Football Association on a series of measures which the Board shall consider to be in the best interests of the game, how it is structured, how it is governed and how it is financed, whereupon the Board shall be authorised to provide that Rangers F.C. shall play in the First Division of the Scottish Football League during Season 2012/13.

So to put it simply, David Longmuir, Chief Executive of the Scottish Football League, is now indicating that if the member clubs do not vote the way he would like them to, providing he and his cohorts at the SPL (Neil Doncaster) and SFA (Stewart Regan) can conjure up a plan, the clubs’ votes can be overruled and Rangers newco can be placed firmly into SFL1.

And believe me, this is exactly what those in charge of our game want.  They have left it to the clubs to decide however if the outcome of the vote does not suit their agenda they can, and I believe will, overrule it.

In my eyes this is a huge concern, not only to the SFL member clubs, but to everyone involved in Scottish Football, the clubs, their employees and the fans.

Should this decision come to pass the way the SFA, SPL and SFL clearly want it to, the game will die.

The time is now to sort this situation out.  The fans of SPL clubs played a huge role in the ‘No to Newco’ vote and now the fans of each and every SFL club needs to rise up and do the same, for the good of Scottish Football.

This is not about punishing Rangers, Sevco, their fans, their employees or anyone connected with these establishments, as much as some of the vile spewed from message boards such as ‘Follow Follow’ will have you believe.  No, this is about saving the Scottish Game from the threat of corruption which runs straight through the its heart.

It should be remembered that football is a form of entertainment which we, the fans, pay for the joy of.  We pay because we love the sport and because we love our teams.  We are the lifeblood of the game.

It is now time to take our game back from the clutches of the people who claim to run it.

And one final point.

It is my belief that the positions of Stewart Regan, Neil Doncaster and David Longmuir are now untenable.  Each one should now hand in their notice of resignation or otherwise face dismissal.

The charade has gone on for too long, lets put an end to it.

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10 Responses to “Rangers/Newco”

  1. Couldn’t agree more.

    All we’re asking for is for the rules to be applied, for them to be applied fairly, and for no-one to be treated any differently than any other club.

    Those in charge of upholding the rules of the game, are the same people behind this plan to let one club operate outside the rules.

    Either they go, taking their cheats charter with them, or 90% of fans leave the game.

  2. Exactly, the rules are clear and there is no reason why they should not be applied.

    Scottish Football could well be on the brink here, what these guys do decides what happens next.

    I am not confident they will make the correct move.

  3. For ‘Doncaster’ read all ’11 SPL clubs’. You didn’t seriously buy into the sporting integrity pish spouted by all 11 clubs did you? How could you be so naive. You’ve all been done up like kippers by the SPL 11 so Rangers are only out of the SPL for one season satisfying the TV and sponsors. The SPL diddy teams have left their fans looking like diddies!

  4. edit. The SPL IS the member clubs. They TELL Doncaster what to do. This charade is THEIR bidding. Open your eyes ffs.

  5. If this wasn’t the case the SPL 11 would tell Doncaster otherwise. They haven’t because it’s what they want. All 11 of them, yours included.

  6. It’s an SFL vote, Einstein.

  7. Not quite sure what your point is here Al.

    Even if that was the case and all 11 SPL clubs did want Rangers in SFL1, it’s not really their choice seeing as the SFL have to vote on the issue.

    Vote no and it will be goodnight Sevco and given the feeling around the clubs in the SFL at the moment, that could well be on the cards.

  8. stewart Says:

    this article is so naive that it highlights the real problem with scottish football and its organisation – a real lack of intelligence!

  9. istheremoneyinthebox? Says:

    As a Rangers fan I agree with the blog. Gets should go to SFL three and without the interference of messrs Regan and Doncaster that should have been the case. Now that Sevco/Rangers have been voted out of the SPL I don’t hear any of the hitherto vociferous SPL club Chairmen saying “NO!” to Regan and Doncaster and saying Sevco/Gers, in the interests of sporting integrity, must go into SFL3. I’ll leave you to answer the question of why the silence but you don’t need to be Einstein to work that out.

  10. Well done guys, we did it.

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