A Statement From Dundee United

The Dundee United board have this afternoon released the following statement

07 July 2012
Dundee United would like to acknowledge with sincere thanks the considerable backing the Club has received from supporters, sponsors and other loyal customers during the recent period of unprecedented turmoil in Scottish football.

Following this week’s vote against Rangers newco being admitted into the SPL, it is the Board’s belief that the SFA and the SFL should now be left to decide where the Rangers newco should play next season. It is important that these bodies are allowed to make this decision without any pressure from the SPL or its member clubs. Dundee United will respect their decision and look forward to now concentrating on our own football ambitions for the season ahead.

Chairman Stephen Thompson said “The relationship between the United fans and the Club has always been extremely close but this recent situation has helped us to develop an even stronger bond and, with over 4,000 season ticket sales to date, the signs of belief and support amongst our fans are hugely encouraging and very welcome”.

“This coming season will undoubtedly be financially challenging but we all want to continue making progress both on and off the field. Thank you for your wonderful support, particularly during the last few weeks, and please continue to play your part by backing the Club in every way you can.”


Got to say, hugely positive stuff coming out of the club there and the fans deserve a lot of credit for sticking to their word and backing the club in the aftermath of Stephen Thompson and the boards statement on the Rangers Newco situation.

Over 4000 season tickets sold is fantastic and with a few weeks to go until the start of the season, hopefully there is still room for that number to creep up.

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One Response to “A Statement From Dundee United”

  1. Derbyshirebhoy Says:

    Firstly I wish to praise the fans of Dundee Utd for their stance on this issue and extend also that praise to Chairman Stephen Thompson for taking a difficult personal and financial decision in rejecting Sevco Scotland’s application for the share transfer of Rangers.

    I remain puzzled however by the statement that “It is important that these bodies are allowed to make this decision without any pressure from the SPL or its member clubs.” Dundee Utd are not alone of course in making this sort of statement but I fail to understand the statement when it is perfectly plain that the SPL’s representative Neil Doncaster remains a major player in the pressure being placed on SFL clubs to allow this New Company preferential entry to SFL 1. Since it is the SPL Clubs whom Neil Doncaster represents and is presumably ultimately employed by he is surely acting with their tacit approval since none have spoken out against his very public misleading representation of the facts. Strikes me a a great deal of hypocrisy is going on here and in that Dundee Utd are not alone. There are at least 10 others complicit with them by their silence and lack of action. Unlike Mr Murray I have not been “duped”

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